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Swing Gate Operators | LiftMaster RSW12UL | Residential | Commercial

Swing Gate Operators for Residential and Commercial Use.

liftmaster swing gate operator And Swing Gates Features

  • Up to 147 cycles of battery backup.
  • Rated for swing gates up to 16 feet in length or 1,000 pounds.
  • LiftMaster Access Control Technology is readily integrated.
  • LiftMaster Swing Gate Operators Are HomeLink Compatible. However you may need to check your vehicle manual.

Safety and Securityliftmaster swing gate operator

Feature of Quick Closure
Quick closure feature prevents vehicles from tailgating for instance preventing unwanted entrance.

Security+ 2.0 protects access to a property by transmitting an encrypted signal.

UL Approved
Tested with the most demanding UL 325 industry standards.

Tested to the most stringent UL 325 industry guidelines. Secondary entrapment devices need to be added to meet UL325 standards. Your Installer will recommend entrapment devices. Like photo eyes or edge sensors.
Sensors for Gate Safety.

Because Safety sensors that prevent the swing gates from closing on someone to protect individuals entering or leaving your garage.

So if necessary, synchronizes your Swing gates operation and set speed independently.

Swing Gates
Swing Gates

More details about liftmaster swing gate operator features.

  • Gates up to 16 feet long and 1,000 pound.
  • With battery backup, you can get in and out For instance if the power goes off.
  • Get years of reliable use by reducing wear with smooth start/stop operation.
  • With wireless dual swing gates communication system and or a solar-powered energy efficient ready system therefore you can avoid costly driveway trenching.
  • System that is solar-ready
  • With a Solar-ready ultra-reliable system. Above all power gates can be installed in regions where power isn’t commonly available.
  • Take advantage of the residential energy efficiency property. so tax credit if the system is installed in a residential property.

Connectivity in Business

Control and monitor your Swing Gates

LiftMaster’s breakthrough myQ technology and dependable hardware. Seamlessly integrate community and facility entry points. For a full real-time view of multiple entrances across multiple properties. Therefore enhancing security and lowering liability.

MyQ Community is a Above all cloud-based platforms. Therefore that helps you manage and control various access points across all communities. From a single dashboard. For instance With 24/7 monitoring capabilities and real-time activity notifications.

myQ Service

In addition with my Q Smart Facility Access, you may gain access to real-time data Insights, and reports.

Analyze the data from your business so doors, docks, and swing gates. To improve productivity, maintenance, access control, and compliance.

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